About us

The Behavior Change Foundation is an initiative of the largest behavior change organization in the Netherlands: the Behavior Change Group, which also includes the research and consultancy branch D&B. Our behavioral psychologists work on a voluntary basis at the Foundation.

We believe that we can make the world a little better using am evidence based behavioral change approach. Our team of behavioral experts and scientists works with you to address development issues.

Our team

Daan is so convinced of the importance of behavioral knowledge in society that he believes that psychology should be a secondary school subject. He ensures smooth running internal processes within the Behavior Change Foundation and the Behavior Change Group and uses his psychological skills within the Research Team of D&B.

Daan van Someren


As a behavioral psychologist and team leader Health, Care & Wellbeing at D&B, Sabine is committed to making the world a more sustainable, healthier and safer place. She believes that knowledge of behavioral change is the key to contributing to many of our contemporary, societal challenges. With the Behavior Change Foundation she aims to make even more impact and ensures that knowledge of behavioral change can be used in development cooperation worldwide.

Sabine Jansen

Supervisory Board

Rick has put behavior change on the map in the Netherlands and is partly to blame for the fact that people started to work with it enthusiastically and in large numbers. He is a real initiator and sees where the field goes / needs to go before others do.

Prof. dr. Rick van Baaren

Supervisory Board

As owner-director, Peter is involved in various companies in various sectors, such as accountancy and tax advice, art and culture and real estate. He is also involved in various foundations and social initiatives. As a financial and business administrator within the Behavior Change Foundation, Peter mainly ensures that compliance and financial accountability are and remain in order.

Peter Freriks

Supervisory Board

Mattheis is a senior lecturer at the behaviour change masters program at Radboud University. He is co-founder of the Behavior Change Group and developed the first post-academic program for behaviour change in the Netherlands. He is a passionate teacher of the practical application of fundamental psychology.

dr. Mattheis van Leeuwen

Behavioral advisor

While there is only one world to improve, Nina combines the best of both worlds with a background in Behavioral Psychology and Cultural Anthropology & Development Studies. Nina believes that behavioral research is invaluable in development cooperation. She previously worked for NGOs in Africa and Southeast Asia. Now, in addition to her role in the Behavior Change Foundation, she works as a behavioral psychologist at D&B.

Nina Crox

Behavioral advisor