Our cases

The BCF focuses on the power of tailoring: our projects follow a bottom-up approach, starting in local communities.

The results of previous projects show that our approach works. For example, we ensured that families in Nicaragua started to recycle their plastic trash and we increased children’s willingness to brush their teeth in Nepal.

Sustainable motivation & Education

Through a behavior change intervention, children in Nicaragua are more motivated to finish their high school program

Only half of the children in Nicaragua graduate from high school. Why is that, and how can we increase their motivation in pursuing an education?

In rural Nicaragua, many children enjoy going to school. However, around the age of 13, they suddenly stop showing up. This is worrisome, as education levels are a significant marker of well-being, economic opportunities, as well as national economic growth.

Together with Hotel Con Corazon and the Lab of Life, the Behavior Change Foundation carried out an intervention to motivate children to finish school: the Energy Trainer.

This training program promotes children to think more autonomously. At the same time, it provides tools designed to help them turn their dreams into reality.


Dental hygiene in Nepal: prevention is better than treatment

Dentists of the Dhampus Foundation pulled tooth after tooth in Nalang (Nepal), even young children needed serious treatments not often used in developed countries. Even better than treating those who need it, is to make sure the need to treat does not arise. This lead to the questions: How do you prevent poor oral hygiene in children?

In some parts of Nepal there is poor oral hygiene. Children hardly brush their teeth, but do eat a lot of sugary products. The Behavior Change Foundation traveled with dentists from the Dhampus Foundation to Nalang, Nepal.

We developed a teaching package aimed at preventing dental problems. This teaching package not only explains how to brush your teeth, but also applies a diverse set of psychological techniques to increase intrinsic brushing motivation. This makes brushing seem more fun, connects dental hygiene to a future goals & hopes set by the children themselves, and finally, it sets a positive social norm.



Collecting and recycling plastic waste as an alternative to incineration

Because of a lack of proper infrastructure for disposing of plastic waste, many people in rural Nicaragua simply burn their plastic in the garden. How can we reduce the amount of plastic burned?

In large parts of Nicaragua, garbage trucks do not pass by on a regular basis. Therefore, people are forced to burn their waste in the backyard. But burned plastic causes lung damage and environmental pollution.

Together with Clinica de Apoyo in Las Lagunas, we have worked to reduce the amount of plastic burned in their local community. We taught families to separate their plastic waste and motivated them to collect it from the clinic once a week. Local youths now bring a large rice bag full of plastic to the garbage truck every week.